H1 CI$ 24,900.00


NOW CI$ 24,900.00 Also available as a Panel Van... Call for Details


  • EXTERIOR- Headlamps 
    - Rear combination lamps 
    - Fog lamps
  • INTERIOR- Interior color package 
    - Seat adjustment
  • PERFORMANCE- 2.4 MPi gasoline engine
    - Transmission 
    - Suspension 
    - Manoeuvers made easy
  • SAFETY- Airbag system 
    - Disc brakes
  • CONVENIENCE- Air conditioning system 
    - Back-up warning system 
    - AUX Terminal
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  • Tilting doors 
    The hinge mountings allow the front doors to open at a distinct angle in order to help the front seat occupants to get into and out of the vehicle more easily.

  • Double swing rear doors
    For maximized practicality, customer can choose double swing rear doors as option in van model.

  • Roof antenna
    Good radio reception in all areas is virtually certain thanks to the fitment as standard of a roof-mounted antenna.

  • Window controls 
    The multi-seat wagon versions of the H-1 are available with flush-fitting side windows for improved aesthetics and quietness.

  • Chrome-coated radiator grille
    A touch of class is added in most markets with an attractive chrome-coated to the now traditional Hyundai radiator grille.

  • Door garnish molding
    The top model wagons are available with this attractive door garnish molding between the wheels.

  • 16” alloy wheels
    Wheel sizes on the latest H-1 have gone up. These light alloy wheels are an option to the standard steel wheels in most countries.

  • 16” steel wheels 
    These durable steel wheels are standard equipment across most of the range. Increased wheel sizes help to reduce running costs.

  • 3-way washer jets
    There are 3-high pressure nozzles available to spray washer fluid on to the windshield when it becomes dirty.



  • Overhead console 
    Overhead console serves as a drop-down container for a pair of sunglasses and some map-reading lamps.

  • Electric chromic mirror (ECM) 
    The inside rear-view mirror of the wagon is an electronic chromatic type that automatically dips when dazzled by a following vehicle’s headlamp main beams.

  • Room lamp
    The cabin can be illuminated by a choice of 6-ambient colors thanks to the roof-mounted LED room lamps.

  • Cup holders 
    The console between the driver and front seat passenger is available with a retractable holder for a couple of bottles or cups.

  • Door courtesy lamps
    The trailing edges of the wagon’s front doors have built-in courtesy lamps come on when the doors are opened.

  • 4th row seat adjustment
    In the 12-seater version of the wagon, the 4th row seat adjustment to yield more space for cargo.

  • Storage system (door)
    For all the magazines, maps and paperwork that are essential on journeys, the front doors feature a clever combination of dual pockets.